Monday, December 11, 2006

سیاهپوشی نیگل شورت در پی ناکامی تیم ایران

DOHA (Reuters) - For Nigel Short black is a colour associated with death, but in Doha the chess coach hopes it will breathe life into his Iranian Asian Games team.
The British grandmaster had hopes of a medal for Ehsan Ghaemmaghami, Elshan Moradiabadi and Atousa Pourashiyan but so far his chess charges have failed to live up to expectations.
After his team's "dismal" performance in losing to China, Short said his efforts to inspire his players had reached stalemate.
"I am at a loss to motivate my players," said an exasperated Short.
"Today I'm all clad in black -- black jacket, black pants, black shirt. It's a sign of mourning, maybe that will finally inspire them."
Short believes chess, which is making its Asian Games debut in Doha, has its place in major sporting events and drew comparisons with contact sports and martial arts.
"It's a good thing that chess is a part of the Games," he said. "Just like boxing for example, or taekwondo. Because every fight is a struggle of the mind."

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